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Elle Brightly brings a fresh, girl-next-door vibe, to the pop music scene.  At just age 14, Elle co-wrote and recorded a pure pop record, reaching #8 on MUSICWEEK UK Pop Chart , #7 on Spotify Worldwide Hits 2021 Playlist and #5 on New Music Friday.  


Her talent has quickly drawn the attention of the teen scene, being featured with Girls' Life Magazine in two print editions, online interview, and their  2021 Summer Takeover Virtual Concert.

Discovered at a music audition in Austin, TX, in 2018, Elle’s vision for a career in music has been on the fast track. With one opportunity leading to another, Elle continues to work diligently at fine tuning her talent and learning from each person she works with.

Developing new songs for her EP has been Elles' dream come true.  Writing and collaborating on each piece has given Elle the opportunity to grow through her music. “I keep a notebook with songs I’ve written and new song ideas. It’s my form of poetry.”

Elle believes each song has something everyone can relate to, but most of all her music is fun and dance-able. 

"It's what the world needs now, happy heart-full music"

Currently Elle is signed with Dauman Music. With his long-standing history in pop/dance music Dauman knows a star when he sees one. "I'm delighted to have signed Elle and look forward to a great future with her in the coming years. She's the one to watch!"
-Jason Dauman, President of Dauman Music

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